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Commercial Contractor Naples

  • Commercial Contractor Naples

    Our goal as commercial contractors in Naples is to provide high quality workmanship with proven performance and total service, that creates the same excitement among the team members at the grand opening of the new facility as was present the day of contract signing.

    Each commercial project is extremely diverse by nature. To be managed properly, contractors with equally diverse experience and creativity are needed. Naples commercial contractors, Carlson Harris brings these required qualities plus much more to the jobsite.

Commercial Construction
Carlson Harris, commercial contractors in Naples, assists throughout the entire building process with comprehensive pre-construction services:
  • Accurate, conceptual cost estimates
  • Value engineering
  • Comprehensive scheduling capabilities
  • Proven high-quality construction and construction management
  • Open book negotiated contracts
  • Completion date on schedule
We have built
  • Banks
  • Beach facilities
  • Churches
  • Clubhouses
  • Community centers
    We have built
    • Hotels
    • Marinas
    • Medical facilities
    • Multi-family dwellings
    • Office buildings
      We have built
      • Parking garages
      • Restaurants
      • Shopping centers
      • Tenant Build-outs

        Construction done properly, economically and efficiently, is an art – an exacting art – much like the choreography of a ballet. Commercial contractors builders and choreographers create – they first visualize the completed picture, then plan each movement of the composition, envisioning the perfect finale.

        Even before land is cleared and foundation stakes set, the “contracting choreographer” has scrutinized the archetectural drawings and strategized the intricate sequence of steps to come. Timing and coordination are crucial. Permitting, materials, subcontractors, inspections, as well as unpredictable weather all enter into the ‘dance’.

        A completed building comprises not only the obvious walls and roof, but hidden structural framework – electrical wiring, plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electronics. The finishing touches – colors, textures, cabinetry, wall and ceiling details, flooring and landscaping are endless. Professionals are strategically coordinated by the commercial contractor to perform their part of the performance.

        Carlson Harris General Commercial Contractors offers years of experience to ensure the creation of a perfectly choreographed custom product, completed to the client’s absolute satisfaction, on time, on budget, and worthy of a standing ovation.