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  • Residential contractor Naples

    Many construction companies can build a house, but as a residential contractor in Naples, the Carlson Harris attention to detail and client desires, makes your new house a home.

    Our mission is to provide materials and workmanship of the highest quality, on time and on budget. We strive to build strong and trusting relationships with owners and design professionals to achieve a truly exceptional and personalized finished product.

    Our years of experience and tradition of excellence as residential contractors in Naples, result in the creation of a custom home of which both CH and the owner are equally proud. We accept nothing less than complete customer satisfaction!

    When we build your home, you become part of our family.


As Naples residential contractors, Carlson Harris’s negotiated contracts ideally begin well before construction and create an open, fair, complete relationship…a partnership. A percentage fee is agreed upon, a contract is written, an estimated budget follows based on preliminary drawings. Refinement of the plans and specifications are made to fit the project budget and objectives. This involvement is where partnering creates time and cost savings.

Carlson Harris participating in the pre-construction phase applies practical experience to the process. Virtually every critical problem can be solved before construction begins. Our extensive knowledge of building systems and their associated costs helps to determine the best methods for achieving the project’s architectural, engineering and budgetary objectives. This involvement is where partnering creates time and cost savings.

Naples residential contractors Carlson Harris obtains proposals from multiple trade contractors and suppliers in each division of work to ensure the best value and quality. Carlson Harris’s expertise is used to evaluate the proposals for cost of materials and labor, thoroughness and consistency with products and procedures appropriate for Southwest Florida. Proposals are reviewed by the entire team for selection. This involvement is where partnering creates time and cost savings.

Carlson Harris puts their “in-the-field” experience to work in the construction phase. Through consistent monitoring, Carlson Harris is alerted to any potential difficulties and accordingly has the ability to make adjustments as required to maintain the project objectives. This involvement is where partnering creates time and cost savings.


Carlson Harris operates with a team philosophy of open communication with the owner and architect in all areas including cost accounting, scheduling and trade contractor selection. This technique keeps the owner and architect totally involved, allowing all team members to fulfill their vital role as active members.

Carlson Harris is not a large corporate general contractor, thus your project will receive direct, specific and consistent attention from the principals. Expect your project to be handled professionally and expeditiously, making the entire process enjoyable and the final result one of which we all will be proud.

  1. Client and Carlson Harris negotiate a PERCENTAGE FEE CONTRACT.
  2. Client, Architect and Carlson Harris begin pre-construction design discussions.
  3. Carlson Harris develops preliminary budget and schedule, begins value engineering.
  4. Carlson Harris offers value-engineering and alternated systems.
  5. Value-engineering and budget refinement continue through design phase.
  6. Architect finalizes drawings with Carlson Harris input.
    NOTE: Normally a contractor would not enter until this time – too late to affect pre-construction savings.
  7. In the bidding and purchasing phase, Carlson Harris works with the trade contractors and vendors to secure cost-effective quality resources.
  8. Carlson Harris presents GUARANTEED MAXIMUM COST. Providing the project scope remains within original parameters, this total will not be exceeded.
  9. The Carlson Harris project team coordinates the work of its own forces, trade contractors and suppliers to ensure the project is delivered within budget, schedule and quality objectives.
  10. Meetings of all principles – Owner, Architect, Contractor – are conducted on a regular basis ensuring thorough direction and complete communication during the project.
  1. Pre-construction
    1. Preliminary construction budgeting
    2. Trade contractor bids
    3. Value engineering
    4. Permitting
  2. Scheduling
    1. Preliminary project scheduling
    2. Critical daily schedule
    3. Owner equipment, if applicable
  3. Trade Contractor Bidding
    1. Invite qualified bidders
    2. Monitor bid process
    3. Bid summary analysis
    4. Establish appropriate allowances
    5. Issue and monitor addendum
  4. Trade Contractor Selection
    1. Bid evaluation
    2. Value engineering
    3. Prepare all contracts
    4. Establish cost accounting
  5. Open Book Record Keeping
    1. Budget sheets
    2. Cost accounting program
      1. Job cost
      2. Lien release file
    3. Visible paper trail
  6. Construction Services
    1. Project site leadership
    2. Weekly meeting with subs & owner
    3. Create, monitor, expedite schedule
    4. Quality control
    5. Safety & jobsite cleanliness
    6. Maintain communication

At the close of every job, Carlson Harris assembles a binder to be provided to the owner, containing the following:

  • One year warranty from Carlson Harris
  • Specific product warranties
  • Any special warranties from the trade contractors
  • All maintenance manuals
  • A list of all trade contractors and phone numbers
  • As-built drawing
  • Survey
  • Copy of last requisition with cost breakdown by division
  • Statement from Carlson Harris that after the one year warranty expires, if a problem arises, we should be called first to:
    1. Examine the problem
    2. Determine if the item has warranty or recourse
    3. Assure correction of the problem in a cost-effective and timely manner.
We will always continue to respond immediately to the needs of our past clients and maintain your trust and confidence in our continued relationship.

Carlson Harris has always depended on satisfied clients for referrals.


Below is a sampling of some of our completed homes and renovations.

You are welcome to call for references.

Mr. & Mrs. Bindley
4301 Cutlass Lane
Naples, FL 34102
Mr. & Mrs. Garatoni
1787 Galleon Drive
Naples, FL 34102
Mr. & Mrs. Lautenbach
1801 Galleon Drive
Naples, FL 34102
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
225 Gulf Shore Blvd
Naples, FL 34102
Mrs. Hale
Pelican Bay
Naples, FL-2019
Mr. & Mrs. Fitzgerald-2019
Bay Colony, Naples, FL
Mr. & Mrs. Podowski-2018
Mr. & Mrs. Cooper
Olde Naples
Mr. Hale
Pelican Bay
Mr. & Mrs. Dumas
Lake Shore
Mr. & Mrs. Hamel
3560 Ft. Charles Dr.
Naples, FL 34102
Mr. & Mrs. Lautenbach
1801 Galleon Drive
Naples, FL 34102
Mr. James Fitzgerald
8062 Viscaya Way
Naples, FL 34108
Ms. Bonnie Larson
7075 Isle Verde Way
Naples, FL 34110
Mr. and Mrs. Flynn
3801 Fort Charles Drive
Naples, FL 34102
Mr. & Mrs. Sheppard
Grey Oaks
Naples, FL
Mr. & Mrs. Landis
Mrs. Kopetsky
Barefoot Beach
Mr. & Mrs. Fitzgerald
Bay Colony
Mr. White
Mrs. Doehrman
Bahama Club
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Stuckey
1251 Galleon Drive
Naples, FL 34102
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Stratton
294 Little Harbor Lane
Naples, FL 34102
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ferguson
334 Carlton Place
Naples, FL 34108
Mr. Paul Slater
2450 Ravenna Blvd. # 201
Naples, FL 34109
Mr. & Mrs. Cooper
8th Avenue S.
Naples, FL
Mr. & Mrs. Beane
Punta Gorda, FL
Mr. & Mrs. Kulhman
Bonita Springs, FL
Mr. & Mrs. Doyle
Golden Gate Estates

Construction done properly, economically and efficiently, is an art – an exacting art – much like the choreography of a ballet. Naples residential contactors, builders and choreographers create – they first visualize the completed picture, then plan each movement of the composition, envisioning the perfect finale.

Even before land is cleared and foundation stakes set, the “contracting choreographer” has scrutinized the archetectural drawings and strategized the intricate sequence of steps to come. Timing and coordination are crucial. Permitting, materials, subcontractors, inspections, as well as unpredictable weather all enter into the ‘dance’.

A completed building comprises not only the obvious walls and roof, but hidden structural framework – electrical wiring, plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electronics. The finishing touches – colors, textures, cabinetry, wall and ceiling details, flooring and landscaping are endless. Professionals are strategically coordinated by the contractor to perform their part of the performance.

Carlson Harris General Residential Contractors offers years of experience to ensure the creation of a perfectly choreographed custom product, completed to the client’s absolute satisfaction, on time, on budget, and worthy of a standing ovation.