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Five 2023 Home Design Trends to Consider for Your Naples-Area Luxury Home

The first three months of every year tend to be a time to reflect on what proved popular during the previous year and to look forward to what might prove trendy during the coming year. The former is evidenced by the numerous awards shows—Golden Globes, Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, etc.—that honor the previous year’s cultural achievements. And the latter is borne by various articles proclaiming what’s going to trend in fashion, food, investing, travel, technology, or any number of other fields.

Well, the Naples, Florida-based general contractors of Carlson Harris aren’t interested in recapping 2022 culture through awards season nor in looking ahead to what might trend in fashion and other fields, except for one. That is home design trends for 2023. If you plan to build or renovate a luxury custom home in the southwest Florida area, you might also want to check out these 2023 trends. You can start here, as we’ve reviewed a dozen design trends 2023 articles and have picked out what we believe will be hot in luxury home design in the coming year.


Prior to the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, few people worked from home, and many residences did not have home office space. To “slow the spread” of the disease, companies across the U.S. shut down their offices and transitioned operations to allow their employees to work remotely from home. While this was supposed to be a temporary adjustment, three years later, at least 25% of the workforce continues working remotely, with another 10% or so working under a hybrid scheme that splits remote and in-office work.

With remote and hybrid work arrangements now seen as a permanent arrangement for many forms of employment, the home office has emerged as one of the most important rooms in many people’s houses—no wonder the home office has been named one of the top home design trends of 2023. Homeowners across the country are revamping or renovating their interiors to create home offices that provide a comfortable setting conducive to productivity in whatever field they work in. And many people building new homes are incorporating a dedicated home office in their design plans.


Home builders, architects, interior designers, and renovation specialists report that many of their clients are interested in enhancing the multifunctional potential of their interior spaces. This trend has been largely driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made the home more integral to everyday life. This growing trend seems to have emerged early in the pandemic when some homeowners needed to make rooms multifunctional to incorporate office space, home gyms/exercise areas, or to better manage more people being home at the same time. Today the trend is evidenced by the number of new home designs featuring open-concept, multifunctional rooms. For example, the kitchen is no longer just for cooking but also serves as an open area for entertainment and dining.


While we hate to keep referencing the pandemic, it might also influence homeowners’ trending interest in incorporating wellness spaces within their homes. This goes beyond home gyms to include dedicated rooms or spaces for yoga, meditation, and home spas. It also includes serene hide-away rooms and quiet nooks where homeowners can escape from the rest of the house to read a book or reflect on life.


Interest in boosting home entertainment options became highly popular during the—yes, again—pandemic, and that popularity hasn’t ebbed in 2023. Whether limited-purpose or multifunctional, entertainment rooms remain a top feature homeowners request in their new home construction and renovation plans. Depending on floorplan space that can be dedicated to the purpose, there are numerous options homeowners can consider for their fun-times space, including:

  • Games—from table games like pool and ping pong, to board and computer gaming, and the fast-growing popularity of simulated sports gaming.
  • Home theater—with the best in seating and theater-quality video and audio.
  • Sports center—catch all the action of your favorite sports with multiple screen options.
  • Home bar, dance floor, karaoke platform—everything you need to host a club-like party.


“Going green” has been a top trend in many fields for several years now, and home design is certainly no exception. This trend continues into 2023, with many homeowners interested in incorporating eco-friendly building materials, appliances, lighting, and green energy sources—such as solar power—in their renovations or new home construction.

Whether renovating an existing home or planning to build a new luxury custom home, Carlson Harris can help you incorporate your favorite design trends. To discuss your custom renovations or new luxury home build, contact Carlson Harris today at 239-352-2460.