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The steps to perfect construction projects

Take These Steps to Ensure Perfect Construction Projects

General contractors with a reputation for successfully completing high quality construction projects on time and on budget, typically have a tried and true process for coordinating the numerous details involved with the construction.

Whether constructing a home or commercial building, a general contractor serves as choreographer responsible for coordinating the many disparate elements that combine to move the construction forward.

The general contractor needs to plan, monitor, and manage permitting, engineering, subcontracting, materials acquisition, inspections, labor, and related factors in sync with each other and according to a workable schedule. A carefully choreographed construction project results in top quality work that is completed on time and within the budget. Construction projects that are not carefully choreographed typically result in missed deadlines, overshoot budgets, and often cause deficiencies in the quality of work.

Meet Southwest Florida’s Carlson Harris

Naples, Florida-based Carlson Harris has established a stellar reputation as a Southwest Florida general contractor. The firm delivers high quality workmanship on time and on budget. The fourth-generation firm adheres to its mission of delivering “quality first” by following a six-step plan that guides all elements relating to the project from start to finish. Combined with decades of experience, this six-step plan strategically coordinates all of the necessary tasks and their implementing professionals into a construction performance that closes its final act with the delivery of building that fully meets the client’s expectations.

Carlson Harris’s Six Steps for a Perfect Flowing Construction Project

Carlson Harris’s six-step plan starts with the pre-construction phase, during which the firm conducts preliminary budgeting for the project. This preliminary budgeting helps identify subcontractor needs and utilizes value engineering to identify the best materials for the build. During this step Carlson Harris also obtains the necessary building permit(s). This further helps budgeting by addressing codes during the build.

Step two cover scheduling, with the drafting of a preliminary project schedule that includes a critical daily schedule. The preliminary scheduling also factors in the timing of owner-equipment needs as applicable for the project.

Steps three and four address subcontractor services. During step three, Carlson Harris invites qualified bidders, monitors the bid process, conducts a bid summary analysis, and ensures that the bids cover all necessary work. Bid addendums are issued as needed. Step four evaluates the bids, which are also subject to value engineering. The firm prepares contracts for the winning bids, with each subject to cost accounting.

Step five is for creating an open book record keeping, that establishes a visible paper trail for all work. The record keeping includes budget sheets and a cost accounting program that tracks the job cost and lien release file.

The final step consists of the construction services provided by Carlson Harris until the project is complete. These services include project site leadership, quality control, schedule maintenance, and jobsite safety and cleanliness. Given the importance of communications in successful construction project management, these services also include weekly meetings with subcontractors and the project client(s).

Taking the Next Steps with Carlson Harris General Contractor

Our six step process has helped Carlson Harris build 100s of beautiful buildings throughout southwest Florida. Along with ensuring quality construction that is on time and on budget, our six-step plan:

  • Helps us resolve construction challenges with cost-effective solutions.
  • Streamlines efforts to obtain the best competitive bids for materials and subcontractor work.
  • Helps keep all workers, subcontractors, and suppliers, on the same track relative to project work needs and timing.
  • Clearly delineates all necessary construction materials.
  • Keeps transparent track of the budget.
  • Helps eliminate costly mistakes and do-overs.

Whether you are building a new home or a new commercial facility, Carlson Harris guarantees the highest quality general contractor workmanship. It will be on schedule and within budget upon delivery. To initiate work on your custom home or commercial facility, trust in Carlson Harris to choreograph the most professional contracting work that leads up to an exceptional home or commercial building in the final act. Contact us today at 239-352-2460.